Do you have the feeling you are getting older, too?

I do. Especially when I realized earlier this week that I have less than 100 days until I get 40.

I started to notice every wrinkle. I am one of the luckiest people with just a few, but I could see them all now. I counted every grey hair wire and started to compare myself (eventually) to other people my age. The initial comparison I started against public figures of actresses and models, and they all look fantastic. I was feeling old.

I look at faces my age and conclude that we all get older.

Yet, I feel young. I feel crazy. I feel like breaking out social patterns. My inner child still wants to go out and play, and my brain is now more than ever avid for knowledge. My heart loves fiercely as a tsunami. But I am not a child anymore. I know; I grew up!

I have noted these days some lessons about life and age:

1. The inner child (and everyone has an inner child) always wants to play, which we should honor. Allowing the inner child to play helps us find joy in our lives. It is a healing activity and helps unlock blockages in our day-to-day living. It is said that it preserves youth as well.

Photo by Manuel Goche on Unsplash

2. Life is just another play; we are its leading actors. Look what kids do in their space. They take every character seriously. They become those characters. And those characters are full of powers. So am I – a new character in every episode of my life: one day the villain, one day the hero, and another day the victim, but I am also the director of my life. And I can choose my plays. So, I have all the means to make it in whatever circumstances.

3. At 40, I am not a child anymore. I grew up! Oh, my God! I finally face this life as an adult, yet I love to see it through the eyes of a child. This way, nothing is as wrong as I imagined; everything has a solution, and the happy ending is just about to be revealed. I need to open my eyes and see it! And keep the faith.

4. Every age has its beauty. I was asked by my hairstylist a while back which decade of my life I liked best. And for me, the answer was the 30th as it is my present. And yes, I had so much fun, but the beauty came that I knew I had fun and was aware of it all the time. In my 20th, I did have fun too. I just lived life every day at a time. I was not having this sense of being. While in my 30th, I discovered an intense feeling of being myself, knowing my powers and strengths, relying on myself before anyone else, and winning all that matters to me. That was the magic.

5. And yes, life is magic! The secret charm is hope and faith. Beyond just visualizing is believing in whatever I want to achieve—and not overthink it. It is about knowing it will turn out my way and let it become. My magic recipe: I picture my wish – say abracadabra – and let the universe take care and finish the puzzle.

With the magic and wonder, I will leave you today—the magic of life, the phenomenon of being, of striving together through these epic times.

How did you perceive your aging when moving from one decade to another?

Stay safe.