Discovering self esteem welcomes the silence

I noticed in my life more and more people around me unhappy with what they have, what they do, or what they are. Some of them sacrificed their personal life, their families, their relations for a better career, others, on contrary, abandoned their careers to follow their dreams, to make or to grow and evolve with their families. This kind of choices are key moments in our lives. When personal choices make people happier, we consider them the right choices. But what if these decisions make people unhappy?
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I am Coach Mihaela Stancu and in my pursuit for self esteem, I encountered a lot of things that blocked my way all along. I mention few of them:

  • lack of clarity on my goals and desires
  • conflicting interests of my ego and myself
  • unrealistic self image
  • limiting beliefs
  • negative self talk
  • lack of resources

It was not easy all along. I judged some people because I did not understood the rationale of their choice, I judged myself even harder because I could not find the truth. A truth that was hidden deep inside of me, a truth I was hiding and keeping it away from other’s judgement. But when I went deep enough, all became clearer and brighter.

In my journey, every step I made, created a new image of me about me, lowered the volume of the negative self talk, positive messages started to appear, and now, when I look in the mirror, I like what I see. And there is silence… and light. I want to share it louder and broader so everyone will know how easy and beautiful it is to be you.

I blended all the learning of my journey, with the tool gear I am mastering from coaching and personal development areas I explored. The result is a series of 4 workshops meant to discover and align the self esteem with the real and authentic you. If you join at least one the workshops you can learn tools and techniques from coaching and NLP chosen to guide you not only during the workshops, but afterwards when needed. We change old thought patterns that limit our experience and create brand new ones with the purpose of evolution, of a better authentic you.

Have an amazing day!

If you want to enroll to this workshop you can do it here.

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