The challenges of a leader

Today I am writing about the challenges leaders face in today’s world. I made a short survey among several people and one of the main points resulted in the survey was motivation both of the leader and of their employees. Employees of today demand leaders with solutions of today’s problems. And one of the major companies problem is employee engagement. According to HRSM publication, manager is one the key persons and assets of a company that can directly influence the employee engagement. The employees today demand personal growth, attention and emotion in the management process. They are asking to be seen as people, to be trusted and guided in the work and work life process. And this can be done by a well prepared leader. Forbes gives some hints on how employee engagement can be increased.

Classical solutions to motivation are formed by training and books, that are accessible to part of the management cohort in today’s world. And it highly dependent on the facilitator or author equally as on the person who is in the development process. There are consulting companies that offer online or offline versions of different solutions in regards development. As training solutions we name Gallup, Hacket Group or local vendors in each country. There are authors like Simon Sinek who researched the inspiration great leaders can do to their employees. Here is a sample of his speak about inspiration and leadership.

Development games also started to become an interesting way of learning and I name few of them: Better Me or a Romanian market player: Insidehero. There are also platforms that facilitate play learn experience mainly for kids.

The product I am designing combines some of the existing solutions: offers same experience of inner discovery and team collaboration as the above mentioned board games do, with a plaza similar to play learn, and with an alternative of classical training programs that big companies do today. And this makes it an alternative for small businesses and middle managers not only that work for corporations. It is a combination of a coaching game that will come as an answer of the main needs of today leaders: motivation, overwhelm and need for prioritization, and effective communication. These can be addressed by taking one step in development at a time, or the complete solution as a board game.





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