Today is my most important day of this year. I celebrate life. I gratefully honor my past, my experiences and all the people who accompanied me even for a short moment in my journey. I am infinite grateful for where they all led me to.

And today I toast for the first day of the rest of my life.

I used to think of this day just like of any other day. But in this day, some years ago, I had the privilege to come to this earth. And I came just to lose and find my light, then show the shiny wired path I have traveled to those who need to see it. I came here to live in connection and harmony with the nature, with this planet and its amazing inhabitants and contribute in my unique way to make our lives just a bit better; to show people around me what authenticity means. I walk this realm as a traveler and a true believer in humans, humanity, good and love and in their combined power that can heal, light or patch the muddy souls shaded only by our own dark stories or experiences.

I feel like a witness and a co-creator of a “how to” recipe of the existence’s flow and its continued rhythm, like watching a dance of deaf ballerinas moved by life energy alone. My presence solely, might wake up some of the dancers and invite them to observe and be aware of what occurs inside and out. The ballet scene might change with every moment they honor the invitation.

Photo by Jorge Ibanez on Unsplash

The birthday wish

In this day today, I wish that all the moments of my life onward mean something to me. I wish to create memories that’ll keep me warm in my soul’s winter. I wish that all my hopes become dreams, all my dreams become wishes, all my wishes become choices and all my choices become behaviors, though part of who I am and I wish to always remember myself what I truly value and believe in.

I wish to keep in my life the people and relations meant to help both to learn and grow our vibration, even if this is not the easiest way. I wish to never be afraid again to try, do or change things, and I wish to support myself equally or more than I support others. I acknowledge now that until my last day on this realm, the only person who will always be with me is me.

I wish to always be as sincere to myself as I am today. To have faith to tell myself the hardest truths and to allow to be curious about them no matter how much it hurts. And in the darkest moments of my life, I wish to be my own Aurora, to light and guide my own path in the most spectacular show of memories that connects me to this place, this planet, these people. I wish then to take action, face the fear, start the fire and accelerate full speed whenever possible, believing with candor that the sun is just around the corner.

All of these will make me believe I live a good life.