The eyes of hope. Poem

I use to feel so home in your presence.

You burned in me the incense of hope and made me see myself through your eyes. I was so magically beautiful!

I loved and feared that charming creature that was me. Yet I craved to run and leave behind the ugliness I was living in to move in the fairy realm you envisioned for me. And this I did.

When I arrived and imagined I am one with that beauty you portrayed me in, I was another human.

I turned my ugliness to a perfect doll I thought you glimpsed in me that day.

The journey burned to the ground the beauty once existed, that enchantress only you could unfold inside me.

And I lost myself somewhere on the way to nowhere.

Here, lives no longer anything from “that me“, nor can I espy “that you” to help me remind myself of …

-Where am I?

– Who am I?

This poem was written by Mihaela Stancu and has all rights reserved.

(© Mihaela Stancu, published April 2020)

Photo credit: Stephen Leonardi in Unsplash

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