Brave heart. Poem

I lived a life of fear. Fear of losing you, or me; fear of losing me in you.

That fear became my religion, my faith.

I believed that being cautious will save me and you or perhaps me of you. I was afraid even to breathe, not to breathe or blow you away!

I was afraid I can’t do things, I can’t love or be loved, I can’t heal or create. These were the lies I told myself to keep the fear burning and growing.

The truth is that I healed so many wounds so many times, I did million of things, things only the bravest heroes do, I loved, caressed and cared for me and other humans so many times I can’t even remember. I created and crafted so many dreams and wishes in unimaginable shapes and forms.

The difference between the lie and the truth is just the focus. Two sides of the same coin.

I was in fact afraid of loneliness, of being solely in my presence. Running of me, I saw the chimera you were, a figment of my wildest dreams igniting so I can learn to be brave, together or alone; a brave and loving girl with a loving and brave heart!

This poem was written by Mihaela Stancu and has all rights reserved.

(© Mihaela Stancu, published June 2020)

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