Have you seen how perfectly imperfect everything is in nature?

There is no imposed order; plants are free to grow as they want to, where they want. The Earth welcomes, hosts, and nurtures lovingly every fallen seed.

Amid ancient forest, everything fits in its place. The trees, the grass, the animals and birds, the waters and land are imperfectly aligned and perfect as a whole. I vividly remember one of the most enchanting places in Greece.

When I put my first step in those woods, my blood flow harmonized instantly with the beats of the forest. That noisy silence of the waters and the wind blowing through the trees, keeping the forest rhythm, invited me to follow, to harmonize my senses with nature’s song and become part of that entity. It was like entering an Egregore of the trees. After that, life itself started to slow down. So were the thoughts, the breath, the blood flow. Nature has its way of making one feel welcomed and at home. Mornings, tens of bird families were singing; waters were flowing through the stones in a hurry to unite with the sea; the wind was moving the branches and leaves of the trees singing a peaceful song of life – it seemed to be the most outstanding violinist of nature. All sounds were perfectly harmonized as in one of the most complex world orchestras. It’s how the heart celebrates the day to come!

My first lesson from the forest was:Life deserves a fatuous celebration every day!

Photo by Vincent van Zalinge on Unsplash

Midday between those trees, which needed 4-6 people holding hands to encompass each one, was like a warm steam bath. The sun sent his loving summery rays to the land, and they raised the vapors from the cold, wet grass. A nice, comfy, damp air surrounds that place from within. When the clouds appeared and rain started to fall, the branches and leaves giggled under the raindrops’ warm pressure. The birds sang louder, telling one another how much they enjoyed every drop of that sun-blessed water. And the Earth was thirstily letting the water pass to its core so that it could return as the most sacred nourishment of this ecosystem.

The second lesson was: „Everything is a pure form of accepting and welcoming life as it happens!”

Photo by Miranda Salzgeber on Unsplash

In the night, the darkest darkness veil covers the forest. All becomes quiet. Even the shadows are forbidden to make themselves heard. Rarely could a star be seen through the thick branches. That dark and that silence are nature’s medicine. That cold, wet air, full of oxygen, nurtures everyone’s lungs.

At night, shiny like the stars, forest goddesses reveal themselves to their guests through deep dreams. They are the guardians of the forest. They bring gifts to their visitors, offering them clarity and light to see what is to be seen inside and out.

The third lesson of the forest is, „When it feels too overwhelming, nature can guide and calibrate our being.”

Photo by Sebastian Unrau on Unsplash

I am curious to know what nature teaches you?

Stay safe!