Today’s story is about the place where most of inner journeys start. Is not at all about happiness or sunshine. It is about a place I was visiting in my story or other people stories. It is the place where all the experiences lived seem like hits of the faith that can take down a dragon. It felt like a cold, dark and wet cave, that abyss of their existences. I still see it pictured by many people I meet and I remember vividly the cold and the gloom I encountered myself once.

Is full of people down there. Victims mainly, but aggressors and villains too. Is like a battle ring where everyone fights everyone. The life there is defined by its state of alert and worry about what hit you will receive next, and what tactics to use prepare your own revenge.

The darkest dungeon of existence

It is full of hate, blame, shame and illness. Is like a haunted castle where the reign is depression and king is the war. People seem to fear most and worship most death. There, fear of death is the cause, and death seem to be a reasonable solution for some that want to escape from that suffering misery.

Photo by Sep on Unsplash

The illness is seen as a punishment tool of karma. It is believed there is no cure, or if it is, is out there, somewhere, hidden to the eyes of the people and shadows living there. Responsibility is with someone else, and redemption is a continuous fight and resistance. There is no acceptance.

There is little or no hope, no dreams except nightmares and no realization. All shades are bigger and darker, and they have power over people. All are talking and acting in the name of the darkness even though, they use love as argument. All the thoughts and words are meant to keep them there forever. Is all about revenge, blame, resistance, shame, pain, illness and fight, is about rejection and dependence in all its forms, helplessness, powerlessness, sadness never lived, grief, tears, suffering and sacrifice.

All people are turned against each other, against the dark gods or terrible faith, karma or cruel destiny. Is all about excuses and limitations. People there work their lifetime to build walls of limitations bigger, thicker and taller, in the name of a love that is just an attempt to protect themselves and survive one more day.

In the name of this love or protection, not only they build walls but teach others to do the same. The only possible success comes when they get to enslave and chain themselves in such a way that their only hope and option is not to move at all but wait, suffer and resist another day, like in a blood limit withdrawal wicked game.

Is full, dark and cold down there. Many of the ones damned to remain in that realm will never even know there is sun, moon or stars, that there is hope or that life can be lived in another vibration. They are too busy raising their walls to see any of it.

There is hope

When light people go down there, they are barely noticed, their light is fading just like stars at dawn. All seems so faraway, that very few people dare to look up.

In some people, the light immerse from within. These are the braver of their kind, that have the courage to face their truths and see that the walls they build are a sure recipe to live enslaved. They do their best to abolish all that suffering. Some others believe too much in freedom and chase it until the end of that world.

For some others, hope comes in form of partnering with curiosity to know what is behind the walls, and asking themselves why do they need all that surrounding, and eventually find their way out.

I trust there are lots who can stop for a moment and look up or inside for stardust or a spark of light, or maybe search for curiosity to partner with to break those walls.

And for those, and all, I just want to let them know that there is HOPE. And it is so beautiful.

Look up, there are little stars awaiting for you to see them! And when you do, just ask them to help you find your button that turns on the lights. All shadows will then disappear!