Have you noticed how beautiful people are when they love you?

Summer is the best season to fall in love. The sun makes souls glow, faces smile, hearts beat faster, and eyes search for other watches and open the doors to the spirits living inside. The light brings beauty in people; the warmth relaxes our beings, and the seas wash away all the pain and suffering, taking it to the most profound depth, away from our vibration. So we remain empty of sorrow, re-calibrating our original vibe, allowing the sun to immerse our bodies, minds, and souls.

Photo by Roberto Nickson on Unsplash

When pairs of eyes find each other, the world stops. Big castle doors unfold to let spirits living there freely express who they are, dancing with one another like a pair of fireflies playing and giggling at nightfall. Like the wind, love overgrows the souls that find each other for the first time or meet each other again after a few lifetimes and years of absence. The heartbeats, the laughs, and titters call happiness to shelter and bless the bond for as long as the feeling exists.

Humankind’s frequency increases in pursuit of love. People are simply beautiful when they love, lovely as love is. They are love. There is no room for judgment or expectations. Soul-to-soul connection is the only thing that matters. And spirit doesn’t need to change another mood. Souls are happy for the encounter; they aim to experience the happiness they have imagined or lived.

What if you can always be in love? Would you choose that? How would your life be if you were always in that state?

All our senses are amplified in this state of flow and glow, love and desire, happiness and presence. Loving humans create eternal memories about the smell of the infinite seas, the flow of the star rivers, the sound of the unlimited universes that open in front of the lovers, the image of the seething sunlight, the taste of silver nights, the magic elixir of the immortal bliss encompassing the undying souls and making them crave to live this over and over again, in this life or another.

When you are in love, what eternal remembrance do you aim for?

Stay safe!