I pose hollow and throw a fixed laser-burning look to the purple skies my eyes just caught. I urge you to open them up and see whichever lays beyond the clouds on fire. My spirit is rugged and ready to face the Gods and bestow the same burden they once placed on me to carry.

My body feels weak, though. My feet sense the dryness of the burning lava emerging from the Earth’s nucleus, allowing me to be charred in many ways by the mysterious fire. On that scorched shore, I rest my toes for a while.

Photo by Vino Li on Unsplash

I hunt around for peace to soothe my busy hindsight; I trace for means to rescue me of that fear, lessening the life inside of me.

Bloody waves break on the rigid shore of expectations. Red foam bubbles seek to encase the lifeblood seas’ heaviness, densely rippling the ocean of emotions. Then, finally, the currents reach my feet. Life begins elevating again through the dry bones, misremembered by time, wrapping my juvenility in its particles. Young atoms of time sparkling around my tired heart… The mind feels pretty old, but the soul’s full of youth.

One question repeatedly echoes like a shattered disk within the obscure perceptions: life, where are you?

That blood rising through the nerves lifts life inside the senseless figure. Recollections of happy moments and loving times rewire the dormant fantasies. The murmur of the red crests whistles to my ears: „Don’t go back to sleep!

I know that all I have ever prayed for has now been answered. I have strengthened my life in the future.

The rigid shores have fallen. There is nothing left to expect. The coral curls hold now all that I am and will become. I reached the course of no return. The dehydrated osseins are memories from another time: a lifeless life hibernating inside a frozen mind where fear made its way to the path of dreams and harshness grinds together with the heavy and stiff expectations…

Stay safe!