Some of you might not know that I have an engineering diploma – computer science.

I’ve always been very good at math, and understood physics and chemistry beyond the rigid calculations and formulas teach in school. It came natural for me comprehend all science practicalities is in real life, at home and in nature. I could easily see how the laws in physics govern our lives and this world, our universe and the human connection at physical and energetic level. I became conscious that our body is an energetic, physical and chemical reactor where thoughts trigger beliefs and actions, beliefs and actions generate reactions, reactions trigger emotions, and emotions influence the body chemistry through the hormonal system. Chemistry also translates in changes in our energetic field, physical appearance and existence ultimately materialized by the beliefs of who we are, how we act and react and easily reflected by our motion patterns.

Photo by ThisisEngineering RAEng on Unsplash

I’l walk you today through one of my stories when I made one of the most important choices of my life. The one of which University to follow. I had two alternatives: psychology or engineering. The first was choosing me. The second one, was easier and natural for me at that time and as a plus it had a mist of adventure to discover the secrets of science and befriend technology. I was thinking that I can become an inventor and make awesome discoveries – you know, the Big Bang Theory alike. With those dreams of circuits and algorithms in mind, my 18’s curiosity chose this path. Today, I am so glad I did it.

Throughout that journey I had amazing epiphanies that deepen my knowledge while learning algorithms, architectures and technologies. I offered to my brain a complete experience of understanding old and modern computers engineering and a fresh perspective on the science’s applicability in the day to day life. It made me transcend my gig condition and turn it to a technology lover, a person who knows how to look for the right signals and information to make an accurate diagnosis, to analyze huge amount of unstructured data, find patterns, systematize, optimize and standardize with the end goal of solving whatever problem.

Engineering lessons

It teach me that all problems are solvable.

It helped me to be able to break down big chunks into manageable pieces, understand them individually, connect or reconnect them back together with an imaginable speed.

It helped me to strive for innovation, to see and imagine new solutions, to link pieces together thus making use of creativity in designing new ways, daring to walk alone unpaved roads and making the most unimaginable connections.

It befriended me with the technology which is now part of everyone’s life, and helped me link to it beyond its usability.

It helped me to structure my thoughts and words so simply that I can express the essence of the most complex things in the simplest ways, sometimes using metaphors.

It helped me to break down mind processes and thoughts patterns, analyze them like a scientist and find my own solutions to life problems that are common to many of you too: health issues, overwhelm, lack of self trust.

It turns out that, I finally let myself magnetically attracted to my first love, the one that chose me first – the psychology. The connection to people, curiosity about the beautiful humans mind and interactions were the catalyst and adjusting my sail all along . I started to dig deeper in this science using the lens of an engineer, with passion and wisdom and I savor, for sure, a different flavor of it, now that I know all that I know. This is how I became a connector, an integrator, a dots bond, a human problem solver, a “Tinker Bell” of my mind, body and soul.

I choose to do creative coaching, to partner with people I work and interact with in their learning journeys, to guide and witness their transformations and to help them innovate their lives, their existences.

These how engineering marked me.

What marked your path?

Stay safe.

Photo credit: ThisisEngineering RAEng on Unsplash