Did you notice we label everything and everyone around us?

We analyze and compare and judge everything against every vital aspect of ourselves. We evaluate life as good, bad, ugly, outstanding, or other attributes. And those criteria represent our perceptions, filtered throughout all our experiences, beliefs, and values we have built since we began discovering this world. If something is good, it means it is good for us, fits our standards, matches our values, and complies with or at least does not stand against our convictions. But good has no universal definition; everyone sees good differently. What’s good for me might not suit you or anyone else. So it is bad—the same with ugly.

Photo by engin akyurt on Unsplash
  • While catching my thoughts criticizing my actions and words, I was asking myself, what if no matter what we do, would belong to no category, label, or etiquette?
  • How will we see ourselves then?
  • What is it possible for us to do that we don’t do just yet, or say that we don’t speak now?
  • What if we could BE?

Being (to be) is an unaltered state. I see it as the expression of divinity in the act of complete presence; when we are, we only see what we see, hear what we hear, and feel what we feel totally and thoroughly without any shadow cast upon the moment of now. So then, life’s flow transcends all facets of the being, and we no longer need to prove anything to anyone. We don’t live by anyone else’s standards, nor do ours matter as much. We live in acceptance and presence, welcoming whatever life brings, as the labels of good or bad, right or wrong, do not control us anymore. Nor do our ambitions push us to ignore and sacrifice parts of ourselves to demonstrate our value in the long-forgotten dreams of others.

The past doesn’t control how we envision our future, nor do ghosts of our history set the standards of dreaming. So we don’t push ourselves to achieve aging aspirations, longing for their completion for decades, nor dream together with people who no longer suit our present.
Only then the past will not hold us back in sorrow, and life fuel will flow through those hurts again, nurturing, loving, and curing all there is. We’d let go of the past effortlessly. And our new hopes will be an expression of divine free will.

This is what the magic of being is about. To be whole, to let the experiences shape us, embracing who we become in every moment while letting the past go. This way, we can be whatever we want on purpose and intentionally dream whatever dreams we genuinely believe are meant for us.
I hoped for many others’ hopes and dreamed many of their dreams, attaining a fair amount of those and often feeling exhausted and incomplete. But, at the time, I didn’t realize when I let myself become part of those dreams or let them conquer my mind and free will.
Only when I lived my aspirations, the dreams I initiated or co-created, and those aligned with my values and beliefs I felt limitless, complete, and content. I designed my reality, and the feeling that I did it made the total difference.

I am wondering how it is for you. Whose dream are you dreaming just now? Is it yours?

Stay safe.