Before closing the NLP Train the Trainer, we had to find a message to define our future dream as trainer.

My mind was empty, but while walking around in peace, hearing just my breath, my mind emptied slowly. Out of nowhere, my truth appeared like the most ingenious idea, in an instant.

For me, to BE ME, is a value! And not just a value, but the greatest value I own.

Let me explain the deepest meanings of this statement.

What is a value?

Value is defined as: „the regard that something is held to deserve; the importance, worth, or usefulness of something„, and as „principles or standards of behavior; one’s judgement of what is important in life„.

For me both meanings are true.

I am unique and that is something I deserve. I worked, learned and lived in an unique combination of environmental factors: family, friends, places (town, schools),work. In this world I am unique. There is no one else to have the same parents and grandparents I had to raise me in the way they did, no one married to the same man for the same years, no one had exactly the same friends nor lived the same experiences as me. There are not even people to study at the exact same schools and with the same teachers as me, or to work in the same places or for the same bosses and do the same things I did. There is no one who behaves exactly like me or that believes exactly what I believe. So, in this world, is just ME exactly like ME!

Isn’t this funny and scary in the same time?

So if there is only one ME knowing what I know, believing what I believe, valuing what I value, thinking what I think and doing what I do it makes me a very valuable asset for me, and for some situations I am involved in – that require ME to be there.

So the phrase it first refers to a state of being. „To BE ME” means to live in the present, anchored in the here and now moment – not in the past, nor in the future: here and now, to see what I see, to hear what I hear and feel what I feel through my own eyes, ears and senses, knowing what I know – not more, not less.

In the present time, nothing is altered, no dream is too big, no failure is to small or too bad. Is me in this moment, the sum of all my previous experiences, lessons, and wounds transformed and integrated in this NOW.

Because there is nothing that can block who I am right now, I am whole and enough, I can make use of all I am, I know, and I lived, to dream the best dream and to take the best decision that can help me reach there.

What about you?

What means to you „To be YOU”?


Have a good week!