When life gets complicated, I run from it in my mind or in my dreams.

I find a cozy shelter in my neural paths, as it is all so familiar and easy up there. I have many paved trails and can calmly set my soul to rest while my thoughts wander around. Then, after I sit there numb for a while, I start following my thoughts’ routes waking up slowly, like from a long sleep journey, and remind myself of where I am and what I have been doing.

It’s my mind where I travel to. I go there when I am awake to challenge my status quo, understand my reasons to behave and exist, find unseen and unheard clues to my problems, gather resources and realize what strength do I still own, and remember who are the best travel companions for each life quest. I return bold enough to face the world challenges. These tactics often work best, but sometimes I spend plenty of time in a seemingly timeless loop.

Photo by Jr Korpa on Unsplash

In my mundanity, time passes so fast; in my dream world, there is no clock to remind me that time has gone way ahead. But from here, I look to others disconnected and dreamy. My sightseeing transcends objects and beings, looking into the deepness of the Macrocosm. Though my body is here, my thoughts are elsewhere, in the place where I architect dreams and seed wishes in a faraway quantum field so that I only harvest them later.

This is where I always run as a refugee from the war life keeps calling me to. In dreams, hopes, and faith, I run. In dreams, I am the most ingenious architect of my time, designing, building, and rebuilding the greatness of my ideal emotional state, my ideal feelings universe; with hopes then, I seed and blow to the waft the best dreams and wishes, yet I expect nothing in particular to happen, and with faith, I harvest the fruits of my ideals when I sense they are ready.

At harvest time, I enjoy presently whatever life offers me, being grateful for the result of the dream. When what I’m being offered it’s not a part of that ideal world I envisioned, I go back and do it one more time; I reconstruct it again and then again from dreams, hopes, and faith.

But when I meet the dream, I stare at it for days, feel it whole, and get myself drunk in my senses, radiating and spreading pure joy and happiness to whoever gets to meet me. Then I know I did it!

It is just my way to sail along with the problems and cope with life’s hardships.

And you?

Stay safe.