Finally, 2021 is here!

I have great expectations from this year! What about you?

We might become part of a history writing Epoque – curing our lives infested with fear by the unseen virus that made us reevaluate what life means and how we live it. We have been through a pandemic. We still are. We have been living apart of our loved ones; some might have lost dear people, jobs or just experienced an overwhelming anxious state of mind in the day to day life. But here we are, entering the mighty 2021 full of hope, building new dreams, setting resolutions and goals, and ready to run out and savor them.

In today’s story, I invite you to reflect upon and rewire your wildest dreams and hopes.

Photo credit to Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash

A brief look at 2020:

Was it really that bad? 

2020 came to change everyone’s status quo. All of us had to rethink, reinvent, reorient our lives as we used to live them. And yes, I know this is a considerable change. But change isn’t always bad.

For me, the 2020 change made me look deep inside. It turned on and lightened all my fears, my most profound rooted limitations. But also, it helped me gain power over them and take the leap.

It connected me to my healing seeds. It helped me to see life flow beyond the ordinary for me, and others too.

And here I am today, grateful that I took remarkable wise decisions that will shape a better future life:

  • I opened the doors to a five years dream hunt journey to become an Expressive and Art Therapist
  • I found wonders studying Jung’s archetypes and symbols
  • I acquired DISC personality accreditation
  • I reevaluated my health beliefs and habits
  • I cherished more my family, honored my ancestors, and my roots
  • I became proud of myself
  • I made my house a small fairies universe that decays my sorrows and nurtures peace and joy
  • I practiced gratitude and enjoyed small life moments
  • And last but not least, I found long-forgotten pieces of me in all of these, and I embraced each one of them

Not that bad, I’d say!

You know, I am always curious about you too!

  • What is that you are or can be grateful for last year?
  • What lessons have you learned while being part of the world’s history (you lived in the 2020 pandemics)?

New Year’s Resolution!

Looking ahead, I wish to have all that I need to be healthy and happy, and I want to be healthy and celebrate every day everything I have!

So for 2021, I wish you all a 


Stay safe,

P.S. Stay tuned that on January 19th, I am preparing a surprise for you!