I am the love adorning the earth when sunset comes,
And the desire igniting in my human soul.
I am the spark that sees the grace in filthy ones,
The silver moon vibrating at late whispering howl.

I am a watchful portal witnessing this world’s condition,

that place where shadows, souls, and lights come, meet, and dance.
I shiver, and I am silent all contrasts’ combinations,
Nothing and all together, a mundane soul by chance.

I am the forest breath when night contains the trees,
sensing the sap of darkness, climbing through roots from limbo.
I am stardust immersing the muted umbrae with ease,
turning them to auroras to shine the paths for a hero’.

Stay safe.

Mihaela Stancu wrote this poem. It holds all rights reserved.

(© Mihaela Stancu, published May 2021)

Photo credit: Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash