Here you are… looking away to see beyond the Universe’s boundaries. Your eyes search for meaning you won’t find there away, but here, in this very present moment, where the senses can capture the weaving thoughts trying to run away. And you try to catch the fast-running wires of the idea that can enlighten the world, yet you aren’t here at all. In the parallel world of thoughts, ideas are ephemeral. They come and go so fast that the eyes remain trapped in a continuous movement, attempting to end the loop of forgetfulness. The same few sleepless thoughts wander feverish on repeat through the fuzzy mind looking for that one answer they hope to hear. You always end up back to square one with each of the thoughts.

Photo by engin akyurt on Unsplash

Nothing makes sense. It is a misty world, full of bewilderment and pressure, not knowing what to search for nor wanting to feel the pain of that broken soul writhing inside you. So your search for meanings and omens to understand the logic of what broke you doesn’t add up. And that hurt leaves a mute being to roam purposeless around here. No more words to say, no other sound to vibrate in the thirsty throat for revealing the ablaze truth of yours. The deafness around is what breaks you over and over again. All appears lost, sank in the woe of a soulless living dream you get to live. Only that voiceless voice is gathering the final power to cry out what’s burning there inside. Someone must hear the roar of the pain rippling its way to the surface; ideally, that one which rendered it, probably no one, or just another shattered spirit if you’re lucky.

Avoiding the pain and not yelling your truth raises the suffering inside. And it’s expanding – a living lightning sphere striking what it encounters in the neighborhood it anchors. The body then shapes the muted roar, sculpting remnants around where it resides so you can locate it when you desire to listen to it or be ready to heal it.

Silence encompasses the mind, the soul, and the hurt. You’ve become again! A new you, a different you. You can call yourself now again: stronger. Yet you carry that pain with you every day!

The pain carrier, with the sculpture of the ache tattooed on the soul, wearing it with pride and showing off to the world survival stories that teach just how to cope, not how to live, weaving a prison of thoughts that hope one day, one voice will release the muted pain, will unload your burden and set you free. But it has to be you. You are the key.

Isn’t it?

Stay safe!