In the heights of desires, I am searching for something. Not sure for what precisely, yet I see the quest. It calls upon me when I am the most relaxed, the busiest, even when I am asleep, in my dreams. I am seeking missing pieces. The puzzle wants to come to life. There is no more time to waste.

Many times, my mind architected perfect moments where the color of your eyes echoes the light that I am. Noticing it and hearing it from the perfect mirror you are would make me happy.

My imagination fused all our shared dreams conveying to sacred places of this realm to feel the peace you seeded in me. The calm of the world would fall upon me, and I would be happy.

My dream will blend all of our helplessness and turn it into superhero powers. The mighty heroes of the mundanity would lie in ourselves. Saving the world with you would make me happy.

My heart craved to live a passion only you can reveal in me. The stars would be our dance floor; the moon would play our song and watch our steps in that dance of atoms gravitating around the love we emanate. Loving you with that force would make me happy.

Back from the dreams, I watch around. I see you. You are always here, yet those things would make me happy…

Silence breaks my ears and elongates my mind…

It’s all coming back to me now!

Yes, yes, and yes! That’s the missing puzzle piece. Happiness is yet to occur. I am in its chase— and it turns out there is just an endless waiting process. Waiting for pleasure would suit its name best.

That is the biggest lie I ever told myself. The reality is that I hid happiness because of fear and worry.

  • Who is just happy nowadays?
  • Doesn’t it make us weird ones? To be happy…
  • What would other people say if I were happy?

The truth is that…..

Happiness lives in that me you sense through the lens of love and light.

Happiness lays with that sacred vibration of peace you seed and harvest in me when we are together.

Happiness is when I know how strong I am in my being.

Happiness is the one universe that exists within the cosmos of each atom we accelerate on our encounters.

It’s all coming back to me now…

Can you let yourself to be happy?

Stay safe.