About me I can surely say I love to be in charge of my life, planning with courage, hope and candor all my fights. Connected to my family and friends, loved and loving, joyful and faithful I am living every day of my life in this present moment. This helps me to create and choose the best strategies, tactics, change of plans or new weapons. The fact is: I always win my battles.

Photo by freestocks.org on Unsplash

Though, I felt sometimes I am a witch.

Because of this high manifesting power I prove everyday.

Because I believe in me and that I can win so bad, that there is no room for failure. I also chose carefully which battles to fight or avoid. And every-time I fight, I win. I can say I won all my wars. Because I know I am brave and I can.

Photo by Andrei Porfireanu on Unsplash

Could be also because of my yellow eyes? You may call them amber, but they still look yellow in the sunlight.

And I started to wonder what means I give to the witches.

Is seen as a person who has the means to change the fate.

Is a super hero always in charge, never afraid, never giving up. Is a creative and curious being, looking to find the right elixir.

A witch is hope when nothing seems possible, is miracle when change starts happening, and accursed if it doesn’t work.

Witches can move the flow of the energy around. They use elements of nature many times to trigger the move. And the change follows like a wave.


The result though, is more up to the requester. If it is ready to feel, to receive and to keep the pace of the new flow, ready to let go old one, ready to change, to move and glow in the new energy dance.

The true North of a witch is connection with ancestors, presence in the now moment, faith and belief that the change will happen eventually, and the meanings to do that.

What can I use from a witch?

I generate changes everyday of my life for me and my clients. I feel that when I enter a place, I bring light, joy and hope around and out of these elements, I create an energy storm where most of the people feel good as they were waiting for the impulse to move, some others feel scared, yet they accompany me with vibrating steps and lots of heartbeats, while others remain scared and helpless, trapped in their dreams and hopes, not knowing or accepting what has happened.

So… my question is still here… What can I use from a witch?