I often struggle to explain to myself the deal behind human life. And often, I give up thinking about it as my limited mind is not encompassing the infinity of the universes, the depths of life and death. Yet, when bad news strikes and young and innocent souls are found too early on their way to the skies, it takes me back to the same thinking pattern. I know that all lives matter. For me, they do. Every soul we synchronize within our lives is here to teach us something. And we are born in this realm to live and to learn our lessons. We face challenges in life that sustain our growth as beings, increasing our vibration, and when we are ready, we return to where we came from, enriched by this mundane experience.

Our birthright is to live. And is given to us the moment we step into this world. We are and should be the life keepers, the life givers. We are the most evolved known living beings, and we all should cherish, love, and enjoy life. We come here as miracles, appearing from just two microscopic cells that divinely meet together at the perfect timing. And we grow and develop consciousness.

But what if life ends just like that one day?

What if your life course suddenly stops when you think it is all sorted out for you?

In the past few days, I heard about two very young people with old, loving, and compassionate souls whose lives were ending in an instant. They were not given any notice or any warning. Their youth, their energy, their life force was so powerful but vanished, taken away in seconds.

Where is the fairness behind it?

Fair or not, I can only think that sometimes we take life for granted, hate its bad moments too much, complain a lot about it, and have expectations and demands as if death was just a joke and we were granted eternity. But when it comes to dreams and wishes, when it comes to actions, we act tiny, as if death would wait for us just around the corner.

What if we would reverse that? What if we could dream and act as if we were granted immortality and doubt, hate, and expect nothing as if death would not make any difference?

How much happier could we feel?

How much love and light could we give and receive?

Life matters.

It is our duty and right to enjoy every moment without etiquette because life is just life.

We can only hope that at the end of it, we will swim in rivers of stars, be warmed up by the heat of love suns, and rest our tired souls on clouds of compassion and forgiveness, and we will eternally listen for love mermaid songs who will remember who we are in love and peace.

But until then, we are here now, and we can and should honor our existence and all the souls we share this time and space with, and we should love it all with the force of a tsunami, frosting and spreading around petals of colors as a privilege to our souls and their journeys.

Keep shining, and never give up!

Stay safe!


Photo credit: Thanks to Greg Rakozy for sharing their work on Unsplash

R. I. P. Costin Glavan