I felt teared apart many times and in many ways. I felt I live in the same time in million universes and went in as many directions. I roamed all these years in the pursuit of something undefined, unspecified, unknown or not even thought. It felt like a hard walk through a stormy desert. Tasting like sand. Smelling like stormy wind. Wherever I turned there was emptiness, aridity or loneliness. The desert was full of pain and grief, of guild and shame, of sin and there was no sign of salvation.

And I kept looking for something I did not knew. Sometimes I waited there and stood still in the storm, sometimes I walked trying to keep standing on my feet and not let storm put me down. I was guided by a feeling of knowing that there is something outside the desert. While advancing through the empty desert I first met STRENGTH. It was there with the impulse of keep walking, of getting up.

And I said:

– Welcome, where are we going?  She said:

-We go where is love and light.

And I kept walking with an ally that  knew there is always something out there.


When I felt I was searching for too long, I started to wonder if there is anybody else there. It felt like I could not go anywhere from there. And I found SELF-ESTEEM. Again I said:

– Welcome. Do you know where are we going?

annie-spratt-1074427-unsplash– Sure, she said. Here. All of a sudden the desert transformed into a jungle. It was wet, and a bit cold but full of green and million bird and animal sounds, tasting like water, and smelling like the grass after the rain. I felt a lot of presences. I felt I am part of every piece of it, and I was containing them all.

It was scary and empowering in the same time. I then met CONNECTION.

And I said:

-Welcome! I welcome you all HOME again. With such amazing guests back HOME, I can only breathe the earth beat nurturing all of my needs and wants so easy just like universe nurtures us all.

A metaphor, of course. But this metaphor is what keeps me going. I found it in the Generative Coaching Process lead by Stephen Gilligan last week. And I started to feel complete and HOME again since then.

All of what I learned I integrated in my workshops. As one of my colleagues said to me, after this week, as of now, nothing will be the same again.

Have an inspired week.

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash