Duomo, the place where all souls feel welcomed!

It was just a regular visit – a short city break to Milan. I have never been there before. Meeting awesome people after two decades, good Italian food and wine, the warmth and energy of the Italian people were the recipe of a successful trip.

What to visit in Milan?

Obvious answer: Duomo!

Inside Duomo, the time stops!

Inside Duomo, the time stops. The cold air, filled with history covers you from the first step. The first sensation was of overwhelm, and peace. Didn’t know where to look first. Crypts, sculptures, drawings and paintings, stained glass all in a 108 m tall building.

Healing energy welcomes you in each of its corners and altars, in front of each sculpture or tomb. There all souls feel welcomed, and home!

Each view invites you to look up, to get your eyes off the ground and search for beauty, for light, for colors and inspiration, to look for good in you and your life, no matter what name the good may have. And when you do that, no pain seems that big, no sadness hurts that much, no problem feels unreasonable, and no person feels hopeless. There is solution for everything! And if the solution is not that obvious, at least there is hope!

Because in front of the eternity all issues are only dust mites!

I never look that up! I could not as I was never before immersed in that positive and powerful energy. Contained by that power, my mind began to run images with long forgotten moments of joy and happiness, of loss and pain, of grief and absence. And I realized then that the key to solve all problems is time!

So, if we know that sooner or later all things will be solved, why keep the worry of today?

This question gave me a new sightseeing of my life!


Photo by Bogdan Todoran on Unsplash