When I see the sunlight outside, I remember the sunny summer loong days and I miss the sea and the sailing.

Sailing on the infinite surface of the sea equals absolute freedom.  

Sailing is about sea and sun…

Morning at sailing, in the warmth light of the sun, the sea seems to wear its most majestic outfit. Each water molecule shines like a gem. The sea looks like an endless carpet of crystals leaning in a slow rhythm under the spark of the sun and welcoming the boats to flow to freedom. The water is caressing with love and kindness the slippy skin of the joyful dolphins families… Under water, flakes of sun create a net of light, playing on the bottom of the sea. The animals and plants living in depths look crisp and radiant.

Morning at sailing, the freedom is at home! This perfect equilibrium is inducing calm is inviting its guests to reverie. This is the way nature welcomes every new awakened sense of you! Good morning!

“Sailing” is about the wind and the sea…

When the wind starts to blow, the sea begins to behave strange. The wind touches gently water’s surface. This starts to stir under its touch. The slow stirring, changes fast to leaning transforming its rhythm to a tango, a tango who’s music is played by the sky angelic’s orchestra, unseen to the mortals eyes, but heard by the wind and the sea. The waves appearing out of nowhere, grow bigger and bigger in a peace that increases with each pick, trying to embrace the wind. The wind blows harder in the attempt to grab with force the waves. Nothing in between matters. The sea is hiding beneath each floating boat. The wind tries to clear its way to the waters, removing forcefully anything in its way. In an insane hide and seek game, with big and ample moves, to the left and right, below and above you sail in a rhythm that cuts your breath.

Between the wind and sea the idyll blossoms. They combine their force and energy to become one. And make a simple traveler, the protagonist and spectator of this unique representation of nature. After some rounds, when they get tired, the show goes off. They steal each other a kiss on the crest of the waves and come back to stillness, hiding behind the land frames grown from the sea just so they can forget one another for a while.

Sailing on the wind is adventurous and passionate. It encourages one another to keep up with the sea. On the waves crest the world is moving and you just need to hold on well!

Or perhaps sailing is just about Sun!

When one sails, at sunset, can be the witness of the most majestic ceremony of the world. Sun prepares to retire after a long and tiring day…. The sky around, reduces the intensity of light and changes its color to orange. With grander and splendor, the sun covers the water’s shiny surface with a golden cape. Is bowing then elegantly, kissing the Earths and saying everyone: “See you tomorrow!”

Living these miracles, one can find the secret of happiness. Energy in the body becomes fluid. Thoughts stop, sinking in stillness and quietness to admire the nature show. Relaxation finds its way in each of the body cells and life gets a different meaning. You become connected to you, to every part of you!

Until we sail again, stay safe!

©Copyright Mihaela Stancu, 2015.