I am a fan of inner connection, and the exploration of the deep self, and inner resources. I believe this brings power and authenticity in people.
We often function on auto-pilot, and use habits and programs that we use every day, every second.  We tell ourselves same stories, and we know exactly what to do in an effortless and unconscious process. How amazing can this be?
But sometimes, we work on patterns that build limits around us, limits that make us have unsatisfactory results, or too less compared to what we envision.
Some other times, the limitations are leading us to repeat experiences, patterns and words that play like a chorus over and over again. Other times we fall in the dramatic triangle of victim, hero or  aggressor where we complain, save ourselves helping others or serving causes or attack like in an auto-defense effort well known and tested.
I have added interesting and fun activities, knowledge and passion in an workshop that will help you to answer to some fundamental questions like:
– Who am I? Who am I when I am a hero? Whose hero am I?
– What qualities do I manifest?
– What are the resources available to me?
– How can I access them anytime and unconditionally?
– How can I integrate my hero side in my day to day life?
This workshop is for you if:
– You feel that you need help, and would use more resources to open doors
– You want to know why you are acting as you always did
– You want to have unconditional access to your qualities, and strength
– You want to unlock limiting situations and transform limiting beliefs
– You want to know how to reach success faster
This workshop is not for you if:
– You are not open to know better yourself
– You don’t want to change
– You don’t want to reach success
Next workshop takes place on May 9th, 2019 between 18:30 – 21:30
The cost for the workshop is 270 Lei. 
Early bird: pay before April 15th the workshop can be bought at 220 lei.
Register here.