For whom is this coaching?

My career coaching practice offers a variety of tools and a gear that can be suited for both woman and man who are looking for a vocational career, changing jobs or working domains; mid-level executives and managers who want to become entrepreneurs; executives or entrepreneurs who want to work through career blocks, develop leadership capabilities, and accelerate their promotion; anyone who feels blocked or unfulfilled in their career path.

What services can I offer?

Here are some  business and career coaching services I offer:

  • Creating a vision desired career
  • Aligning to your mission and value proposition
  • Identifying and strengthening values,  abilities and behaviors needed to achieve the desired career path
  • Developing your leadership strategy
  • Managing difficult decisions; building conversation plans
  • Creating an improvement or coaching plan for your team/business
  • Identifying blockers and strategies to overcome them
  • Developing an interviewing strategy
  • Mock interviews
  • Identifying what are your selling points to your stakeholders
  • Developing your vocational forward career plan
  • Integrating your values into your job
  • Harmonizing your personal and professional effectiveness
  • Other career/leadership/business issues

How my coaching sessions run?

Session duration: 50 – 65 minutes

Session location:

  • face to face
  • online via Skype with video

Typical coaching session: the first part of the session is dedicated to clarifying desired outcome of the session. This is also the key homework for my clients. Once we start towards the outcome, depending on the goal, we work with questions, exercises or tools to achieve it. At the end of the session client is asked to mention his/her insights, key learning points. The next session is established and client has as homework to identify the upcoming desired goal.

Your investment

190 RON for each session. Additional discounts might be applied if contracted for more than 8 sessions.

Want to work with me? Book your seat below:

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