– Do you remember how it was to feel free, safe and loved by life no matter where you go or what you do ?

I do too. And I wish to live those feelings once again.

Nowadays, people sank in fear. Anxiety, stress, panic is all over. We all felt it in some of our moments. It is, unfortunately, our new vibration. And is OK to feel that way. Is our primal instinct of survival. We want to stay alive. There should be no judgment towards it. Messages are flowing in the online inviting us to keep calm, don’t panic or telling us that fear is not good. But it’s a way to invalidate our feelings and status quo. Feeling that fear, tells us we are humans. We live, and fear, gives us the force to stay alive. And is OK to feel whatever we feel. Important thing to know is that we are not the only ones who feel this way, we are not alone. If we need help to pass through this, there is offered. Just look for it. Because what we must do, is not to let those feelings to take control over our actions.

The story today is about a simple way to accept what we feel, and change the root of our actions from fear, to love and hope. It is so simple. Is just about the intention we set behind our actions.

The only antidote to fear is love. When you fill your life with love, your fears naturally disappear.”  Bo Sanchez, Don’t Worry, Be Happy

Because of this pandemic crisis, our universes became smaller fitting our houses. We are back to our core. We are taught to look inside of us, search, clean and change what we dislike. We now have time. We are confronted and being asked to live the reality we have wanted, fought for, created and for which we paid with our time, relationships, money.

This is its time to call us back and tell:

– Hey, look! This is what you ran for in the last years! Tell me, was that worth it?

-These are the people with whom you chose to spend your life with, remember? Were you too busy running around to do more, to have more? Now you can love more and be happier. There is nothing else you would need. You have it all here. Just BE!

In my story, the choice I make after one week of quarantine, is to dare myself to love more, to manifest that love in what I say and do and to smile back to life.

Photo by Allef Vinicius on Unsplash

I want to wear my smile. It is the most precious jewel. And is a promise I make to me and life, that even when I am scared, afraid or angry, I will find one moment to show the love sheltered in my heart and smile to life, to myself and to others.

In my saddest days I will just put on a short smile, in the corner of my mouth, remembering there is hope and the sun will raise again.

In my happier days I will wear a big and noisy smile to let everyone know how happy my soul is, and I will spread that joy and hope around.

In my normal days, I will just remember how much I love this life, with everything it gives me: the love of the people around me, my hair looking challenges, the love that lives in my heart, my demon fights, my compassion, my nightmares, my gift of seeing the light and good in others, its force to make me stronger and turn me upside down, all the people I meet or remember and make me feel whole and home or challenge my inner truths, all its places, experiences and emotions. Those days, I will wear a smile just because I have the privilege to live what no one else does, my unique story in which I am the queen; that one story dreamed and chosen by me and manifested through all that I am.

I see now clearly that nothing is granted to us, not our life or our freedom. All is just a gift. Some of us act foolish sometimes choosing to live in the past, in the memories that made us once happy or sad, hoping that if we stay back there, it will feel better. But the only way the past can help us feel better is to accept it, take our gifts and lessons from those moments and leave it behind. Some others choose to live in the future, a future that exists only in our heads, with episodes never happened. Envisioning is good as long as we know what we want and why we want it, as long as we are ready to accept the price of the dream meaning to take action. But if we just live in the fantasy realm, we miss all the fun that happens NOW, HERE. This is our moment of choice, this is when we take our decisions and we do all the actions that hopefully lead us to our dream land or elsewhere.

And for those who sail, we know that even if we switch one degree from the course, few miles away we will get somewhere else, far away from the destination. So we must be awake and chose impeccable.

NOW the humanity dreams are dreamed, the values of tomorrow are reshaped and strengthen, the beliefs that will guide our steps are thought and written in our minds. The world has stopped, the Earth is resting and breathing so we choose impeccably wise. Is our time to envision and then write an important page in the history of this humanity. I dare you to dream the most beautiful dreams, make them your wishes so we can live them in the reality as soon as it is all over. And I have faith it will.

I kindly ask everyone to support the people might need it by showing love and compassion in our own ways!

Until we meet altogether healthy and safe outside, I send to you all, love thoughts and smiles.