Is been a while since I experience a feeling of stillness.

It is nice on the one hand, but scary on the other. It seems that everything around me is still. Like an icy rain shower that keeps everything cold and ice-covered. No move, no sound, no nothing. Just silence, immovability and coldness. Is not that everything else is gone and now we enjoy a moment of peace. Everything else is blocked, chained in a motionless picture.


Behind the stillness is frustration of being caught, trapped in a frozen dream. Behind the icy glass of the cage there is fury and haziness. There is desire and passion. There is excitement and hope. There is joy and happiness. The imagination yet is fixed in the cold pitfall. No clue about how I can get out or where should I go. No clue about what comes first, second. No clue about any other categorization of things to wish for, to do, to feel, to become or to solve.

The only available choice is waiting, an endless waiting as if life itself is contained in a cold numbness. As time passes, the fear starts to build shelter beneath the ice. And it grows: what should I do? Where should I go? Is even bringing feelings of guilt with it: “is not here where I should be right now”, “you were not supposed to do this”, “this brings me no joy”, “I need to run, to change something”.

The time is the gift for action. At one point, the colder mind starts awakening. The sleep is ending. The light and the warmness are melting the blocking ice. I know you. I know your face. I know these feelings. I recognize these thoughts…

  • What is my dream?
  • Where should we go this year?
  • Where should we leave the frozen feelings?
  • What is the most important thing for me right now?
  • How can I get where I want?

Slowly, with an imperceptible movement, the mind starts to open and connect with my soul, and my body. I know now how  can I answer all the above questions.

Step 1: Dream

Step 2: Envision the path

Step 3: Define the goals

Step 4: Clarify the needed actions

Step 5: Start

I created this simple process 7 years ago for myself. I needed it to get me out of impassiveness and help me to get clarity on what I want. I practice and perfect it every year since 2012. And I get better results each time.

During this practice, I learned to honor my stillness moments, to weight the timing and to start creating clarity around me and this helped me to be in equilibrium with myself, to know what matters to me and to feel enough.

I combined these practices in a workshop called Envision 2019! and I am gladly sharing the information in 1-1 sessions.

Have a good week!

Photo by Michael Skok on Unsplash