And what if I am a million pieces combined to sparkle one single ray of light?

I dedicate today to telling the story of who I am. I am nothing more or less than who I chose to become in every moment of my life. I am all my experiences, hopes, and sorrows, all my feelings and thoughts combined and compiled into a unique human being.

I am portrayed by me, who dreamed love stories and cried at dramas, read aloud Shakespeare, felt on stage, and was proudly honored to be a tiny part of this world’s history. I am the same me that loves and tells stories all day long using characters from books, movies, or everyday life to help people cope with their sorrows and challenges, just like heroes do. And I still am fascinated by heroes and villains, witches and vampires, in love with beautiful minds, and passionate about humans and psychology.

All these parts of me are who I am and who I’ll be tomorrow.

Photo by Wonderlane on Unsplash

Like all of youI belong to no category or etiquette.

I am the one who stares at sunsets, stops while walking to feel the wind blowing on her face, looks at stars and the moon wondering how many universes are out there, hugs the trees and people, tears when seeing dolphins, and cries for beings in need. And I am also the one who’s scared and worried for loved ones, afraid of butterflies, brave in facing my fears every day, brutally honest to me and others, faithful and truthful to myself more than to anyone else.

I am the one who loves all music that triggers me to feel deep emotions listening to Bach, Vivaldi, Ed Sheeran or HIM, fado or rock, folk, or jazz, not one type, but rather all.

I am all of me: my shadows, my light, and all of them together!

I am also the forceful defender of myself, my rights, and my people. A wild nature-connected Mowgli who understands animals and feels at home wherever there is water, forest, or grass, a brave warrior in my fights, and a winner of all that matters to me.

Photo by Alonso Moreno on Unsplash

I am the woman, the wife, the sister, the daughter, the friend, the leader, the coach, the teacher, and all the other roles I have in life. For some people, I am a hope seeder; for others, I am a model to follow or not to follow. I encourage many to walk their path, and I am the one who sees and believes that happiness, good, and light exist even in the darkest abyss of human existence.

These all are me, and many more. I am a million pieces combined to sparkle one single ray of light. On some days, there is more sunlight in this glimmer wave, while the darkness makes its room better on others. But, regardless of its nuance, I chose to look to what’s glowing inside me, seeing what guides and enlightens life.

And I know my tale advances; each day I live, every decision I take adds lines, chapters, and stories to this novel called life that’s dynamically shaped by my million choices.

Until this is complete, all I can say is, welcome!