I can see your face in the silver light,

So majestic, ethereal appearance you have!

Your light touch feels like a summer breeze over the sea at night, warm, spreading around love and mystery.

From the mist and clouds that surround you, I could hear ripples of oceans unfolding beneath you, restless sparkling waves whistling the depth song of mermaids

Foreshadowing broken bloody hearts and silence and loneliness.

Very old wolves howls from the far shore accompany your wild and gracious rise when conquering the oceans.

And you, you bring the stillness, the tomb silence over them all.

The peace environs the restless deep waters;

Even the wind stops, not wanting to disturb your face reflection on the sea’s icy surface. Everyone stares and admires your grace waiting for you to cast your spell upon them all. It’s like living a mirage. Mirage of the moon, under the moon-spell.

This poem was written by Mihaela Stancu and has all rights reserved.

(© Mihaela Stancu, published May 2020)

Photo by Davide Sibilio on Unsplash