I collided with you when looking for the sun in the dark dungeon of my being.

You were there stoned with lively eyesight, watching everything around you.

Your heart was cold beneath that monolith encompassing you, yet your gaze warmed my soul instantly

You were deathly silent.

I stared at you to understand what was to be seen and heard about you.

My body was bleeding from the scratches of our encounter

, and the deep red blood was warming my skin, making that coldness of yours bearable.

I could carry on with the pain, imagining your story from the look in your eyes, the story you never told, but I got to live it.

Crossing my eyesight with yours gave me chills.

I rested, observing you for a while. I prayed that the stone would melt, alchemized by the warmth of my blood oozing from the wounds, crush under the force of the compassion my eyes threw back at you, or soften under the touch of my skin and let you be free.

I longed for those eyes to see my soul and free me from myself.

But my prayers weren’t answered. You didn’t want to be freed up, nor was I ready to explore the infinity of this world just yet.

Eventually, I left even if I saw in your look that you would have wanted me to linger a little longer.

My departure triggered a raving yell from your muted being. And hearing your scream, I longed to stay by your side and cry together tears of stars so they lighten the frozen heart again, yet I found myself far away on a path of no return. There was no way back that I could find.

I keep searching for you, guided by that roar deafening my ears… I keep searching for your eyes and for that sun…

Where are you?