I love to be in the driver’s seat, to see the road ahead, and to have the feeling of choosing where I go. Sometimes I believe there is just one mountain path that can take me to the top.

I was trying to climb back from sideways. It often takes longer. Precious time. Lost life moments, bad choices, guilt, and regrets.

But is that hard to accept that there is just one way… THE WAY! Isn’t it?

The fastest way to the top is the way of hard truths!

Photo by Taras Chernus on Unsplash

The hard truth is accepting that I am not the hero I imagined to be; perhaps my need to be a hero comes from the seek of redemption or from an old feeling of not enoughness, or is it here because I have an urge for acknowledgment, for being seen and accepted?

The hard truth is that self-sacrifice is not requested or required except in life-and-death situations, which occur at most few times in a lifetime; in the rest of life’s moments, it is just a form of (self) abuse and a potential representation of helplessness.

The hard truth is that I am no villain, so I do not deserve bad things to happen to me. The guilt or shame is just there to remind me of my inner beliefs about myself and the world. And these beliefs can be easily changed.

The hard truth is that ego needs to find acceptance outside to validate its hesitant and mistrusted choices of thought and belief.

Hard truths paths make me doubt! And doubt is the first necessary step to allow the brain to create new neural pathways.

I need to step into the choices realm confidently to overcome the doubt of hard truths.

It all starts with I choose. And it means I have the responsibility for the outcome of the choice.

I choose where I put my focus and intention – on sound or wrong- if I leave myself devoured by my demons or come closer to serve and help light-walkers to light up this realm if I choose love over fear, revenge, or justice.

I also have the choice to feed my mind with lies and stories about heroes and the greater good to justify my actions or to tell myself the hard truth that I do everything just to heal my bleeding wounds, to stop them from exsanguinating me, to stop life draining out from my body, mind, and soul; to be seen and approved because I don’t know how to do all of it by myself.

I have the choice to acknowledge that I need to think what I think, dream what I dream, say what I say, and do what I do just for ME because I need to feel better, do better, and be better than my inner perception of me.

The choice and the intention are my two magical unbreakable weapons!

Photo by Vladislav Babienko on Unsplash

And those are the only two things under my control: the intention and the choice. The rest of the road builds up, even without my attention or power.

Acknowledging my hard truths was liberating for me. It freed me from looking for ways to hide from myself. Instead, I have to trust the path and the process, be present in every moment of my life, and be there for myself. This way, I make the best decisions for myself and my greater good.

I am curious what is your hard truth?

Are you ready to listen and give it the voice-over?

Stay safe!