john-towner-117317-unsplashI studied and practiced many years the best method of goal setting. I tried and adapted my style in many situations and with many other players: with myself, with my teams, and on my projects. I experienced outstanding achievements and amazing surprises while learning and perfecting this process.

My truth about this subject and others from the same category, like the law of attraction, visualization, dream management, and many other names for this activity, is the following: vision is vital. It is the foundation. If people want to live their dreams, they must dream them first.

Vision is the spark of lightning on the dark road; it gives you the safety that you are on the right path and the courage to keep going. It brings your motivation to the surface and keeps your dreams alive. It makes you feel worthy and gives you a reason to live and keep going, even when you are tired or sad or think you don’t want anything else.

It took me a while to discover the best way to envision the future. I tried vision boards hand made, drawn, written goals, and pictures. I even modeled some of my vision boards or meditated around them. Now, I live the dream most of the time. Finally, my secret starts to reveal.

Here are my five tips for creating a grand vision:

  1. Dream big
  2. Use to-be verbs instead of action verbs like to have or to do
  3. Clarify visually how you will be when you reach the ideal state
  4. Visit it often
  5. Re-validate your desired state and priorities at least once a year and change them if needed.

Here there is more about the Vision and Envisioning process.

Have a good week!

Photo by JOHN TOWNER on Unsplash