What is NLP, and how can it help

NLP is a methodology for understanding, exploring, and changing human behavior. It involves looking at the „language of our unconscious mind” to understand how we experience and create our reality. It stands for neuro-linguistic programming. NLP is when you use your brain and language to change how you or someone else feels. NLP premises are based on the idea that what we think, feel, or do is often outside conscious awareness. We can’t change something until we know it exists- so by becoming aware of these underlying patterns, they become more manageable and less likely to interfere with our lives.

NLP offers tools for making changes in your life: for example, when you want to make a meaningful change in your life (stop smoking; read more books) but have trouble sticking with it because you’re unsure how or where to start, then NLP comes into play to offer you the support needed.

I was on my way home after a long day at work. After talking to one of my colleagues, she mentioned an NLP open session happening very close to the office, and she said, „you can meet your unconscious mind; what do you say?”. I decided to go to satisfy my curiosity. And the first impression of meeting my unconscious mind was coming as a surprise because its appearance was not what I expected it to look like. It did not look like anything. In a meditative process, we were invited to observe our minds. Mine was coming with no image. I was paying attention then to the sound. Hmm. Interesting, it had a voice I had known for all my life. Exploring further, I identified intense sensations that accompanied the voice. At the end of that evening, I was satisfied with making my first dive into my mind. Little did I know that those hours would change everything and turn my life as it was upside down.

It’s not a secret that we often become victims of our unconscious minds. Not in the sense that the reason is a villain with a clear purpose to harm us, but more in the sense that we take for granted all the beliefs, sayings, and messages, most of the times limiting who we are and what are we able to do, and blindly sticking to the self-declared rules of the mind. After exploring and connecting to it for a while, doing simple exercises served me to change my perceptions on particular aspects of my life; Wealth made its room in my life, success, and satisfaction are now daily practices and attitudes, and I no longer complain about every minor change of life course. I’ve used NLP to help me through stressful circumstances, sometimes to heal or stay healthy, to quit smoking, and I even learned a new language. One thing I found very valuable and effortless in NLP was overriding the internal monologue, that cynical, sometimes even fatalist self-talk, that was running through my head and changed it with more solution-oriented – positive self-talk. And please, believe me, it is beyond repeating an affirmation. It is about replacing beliefs, finding and linking values to behaviors, and allowing myself to change for the better.

Benefits of using NLP

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You can use NLP for so many things!

For one, it helps you communicate more effectively with other people. Second, it is a way of thinking and communicating that makes you much more effective. You’ll be able to quickly understand situations, express clearly in writing, and improve your persuasiveness. By understanding how people’s minds work, you can better anticipate their reactions to what you say.

I’ve also used NLP to help me become a better writer. By using more active verbs and eliminating vague adjectives, I can convey my thoughts in a way that’s easy for anyone to understand. And less frustration for me.

For some people, NLP can be a long journey to self-discovery. However, this doesn’t mean it’s not worth your time! On the contrary, the advantages of using NLP are numerous and abundant. From making you more successful at work to helping you lose weight or sleep better – there is so much that NLP can do for you!

I believe that the power of NLP is in its simplicity. That’s because it works with the natural way that humans think. It creates a linkage between the mind and language, overcoming barriers to bring you a million benefits. Some of those are increased conversion rates, more money made from advertising campaigns, improved business results, relationships, or simply better chances for you to succeed and accomplish your goals, no matter what those are.

So if you want to start using these powerful principles today, I can help!

What do you say?

Are you interested in trying out some simple techniques that can bring you the changes you have only dreamed of so far?

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