Where the light meets the night, there is the moon, there are stars,

but the soul’s gaze has a dusk sight, freezing with fear, cracking the scars.

When the black reigns the night, shadows and demons come back from the past

scratching old wounds, they bit back in time, now bleeding of a pain that will forever last.

They whisper in silence the unspoken truth, kept hidden from the ears of curious people

they laugh at the ache and drink all the hurt, bloodthirsty, and cheer the evil.

The soul is fighting those voices, the bites, and tired of torment, now wanting to quit,

yet knowing those roars will travel through time and the shadow party will be back to hit.

So it stays and fights, praying for God’s help to win, yet the gloom is intense,

feeding with fear, nightmares, bitter lost hopes, and cold.

For a moment, all stops; there is silence; the memory of dreams wafts softly,

and takes the lost soul to that place inside, where light travels swiftly.

The instant light ray brings to sight won battles and blood vows made then to survive,

lessons and tactics, memories of scars that can complete the book of a life.

Is then when it knows the secret of shadows is to go back there, to that party again,

No fight, and no struggle, no pushback, no nothing! Surrender in darkness to let the light in.

When the night meets the light, the party is over. The shadows, the soul, and the demons are there;

the dawn of the being brings breath to the chest, who craves that peace again and again.

The shadows retreated, and so did the fright, leaving the soul asking itself, when?

When the light meets the night, when there is moon and stars, somewhere out there, a party is starting

that challenges a soul and invites it to dance, a rhythm of the shadows and demons out hunting.