Who am I? WHO AM I?

I am…..

Solely a traveler of my life who comes and goes roams to cherish their moments and experiences.

Just a watcher of the show that life plays around me every day, starring old and new crew for every episode.

Only a learner of the lessons that life gifts me in the most remarkable ways.

Simply a conglomerate of emotions that quivers and trembles at every sound, color, and a wave of emotions interfering with my aura.

Just a truth-teller, a mirror of other people’s experiences and emotions, wounds and pains, loves and dreams.

Only a pain carrier and healer; a victim of my self-loath; the co-creator of a life driven by self-love; the hero of my shadows realm and slayer of my demons; the wonder woman of my mundane existence.

I am just a star toucher, a moon lover, a sky daughter, an earth keeper, an ocean wave, a fire starter, a light walker, and a magic holder.

Just the spring of love rivers, the shade of the clouds of compassion, the caressing mist of trust and faith, the sweet touch of divine love and connection, the protecting flight of the angels, and the sparkle of hope.

I am my heartbeat.

I am the joy flowing through my blood every day,

I am my energy, my vibe.

I am my thoughts,

I am my experiences and my knowledge,

I am my emotions, my insanity, my creativity,

I am my dreams, hopes, fears, and regrets.

I am all of me. I am all of them.

Nice to meet you!

And you, stranger, who are YOU?

Stay safe.


Photo credit: Mihaela Stancu

This poem was written by Mihaela Stancu and had all rights reserved.

(© Mihaela Stancu, published August 2020)