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My name is Mihaela Stancu. I choose to practice coaching because I believe in people. I know that everyone is driven by an inner unique energy. I witnessed miracles happening in people’s life, by coaching them to discover and master this uniqueness. The energy can be love, beauty, power, self-trust and when revealed it frosts relationships, careers or life itself.

I discovered this world, trusting that I can. I knew it. I was creative, expansive, inspiring, optimistic, curious and caring since I was a child. I was full of energy and I loved to help people to be better, to do better. When I joined school, things started to change. I was told I should not be expansive because it is not appropriate. So, I started to manifest in silence. I was penalized when using creativity to solve math problems because I did not follow the rules. So, I started to follow. I was told that leading people means overwhelming responsibility. So, I started to lose my energy and feel that heaviness. I was showed that being optimistic doesn’t bring you the desired results. So, I started to doubt. I was told that it is not right to be curious nor care about others as this was not my business. This last two, I could not do. I simply could not. It was against my everything.

But I grew up an adolescent with a lot of fears and low self-trust. I sabotaged my entire efforts to achieve high performance being only number 2 or 3 in sport competitions, or academic contests. The number one seat was simply not for me. It implied for me to be authentic. And authenticity meant: creative, expansive, inspiring, optimistic, curious and caring. But, by that time I was long forgotten to behave that way. I was following now the rules of the “appropriate” society. I was a quiet follower with limited options but with high curiosity, and I was extremely caring for everyone around me. As I was growing, being on 2nd place started to follow me: in my job interviews, in my relationships, in my achievements and school grades. I was almost the best.

In 2006, I first found out what coaching is about. I was encouraged by people who believed in me to follow this path and it lightened my way. I started the journey and spent about 600 hours training and coaching myself. And yes, I know it now for sure, I can be authentic by coaching people. I can be creative with the tools and methods I choose when matching client’s needs, I can be expansive in the energy and the passion I show for this profession, I can be inspiring. The optimism and curiosity connect with the immense care for the people and help me to see clearly the good that lies in every person and helps them to discover or uncover it.

I now count over 1260 hours spent in coaching sessions with my clients, I assisted and guided them to discover and strengthen their inner qualities and powers, overcome obstacles and limitations and follow their true path towards their set targets. All of them evolved in their career, relationships, or achieved meaningful life goals. They are now more truthful and certainly better versions of themselves.


Training and certifications:

Master Strategic Management – University of Portsmouth, UK

Senior Accredited Coach – IIC&M – Noble Manhattan School, UK

NLP Practitioner, Master, Coach – IANLP – VreauNLP.ro, RO

Lean Six Sigma Green and Black Belt – ASQ



Coaching Network Lead/ Council Member – Multinational Company – 2015 – 2017/2017 – Present

Global Coaching Support Group Leader – Nobble Manhattan Coaching School – 2017 – Present



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