Our mind is like a house.

Inspired by the TV Series „Freud.”

I was impressed by the metaphor that compared our mind with a house. The conscious mind is a light candle that illuminates one room, one part of the house, and one space; the rest of the house, with all its chambers, stairs, corners, and hallways, is also part of the mind if it sits in darkness. That gloom part is our unconscious mind.

Photo by Jefferson Santos on Unsplash

Think about our earth. That has a lot of hidden treasures; we cannot see all there is in the abyss of all waters, perceive what is beyond the clouds at the heights of all the mountains, or what creatures are hiding in the depths of mountain caves. Right now and right here, we see our country, town, and front house view. But the rest is out there, continuing its life in stillness and silence. And then there is also the sky…the solar system; it encompasses more darkness than the light made by the stars and planets. It is there, too; we are just unaware of it all. But we are all part of this spaciousness, of this more excellent order comprised of darkness, light, dark matter, black holes, planets, Stars, Sun, Moon, Earth, people, and beings altogether. For us humans, only when we accept all of this together and act as an indispensable part of this Universe can we be powerfully living our true purpose.

Photo by NASA on Unsplash

Gravitating in the unconsciousness

Sinking in the unconscious mind is like floating in a gravity-less universe among the stars. Every star holds information about a memory or a dream. When we get closer, we can take a look and even zoom in to get high-definition access to all the details. Discovering all the characteristics we can examine in that altered consciousness state is fantastic. So many components and attributes of memory can come back instantly: pictures or the entire event film sounds reproducing voices and surroundings, feelings in the body, sensations, emotions, smells, and even tastes… And everything is stored in our minds. We carry them with us and have to forget them in the unconscious mind so our logical mind does not feel overwhelmed.

In this inner mind universe, some of the stars are lightning bright, some other’s light is like the dawn, and some of them are already extinct. But all intelligence and experience there are ours. It is our complete microcosmos. It awaits us to uncover the information right when we need it and are ready to acknowledge and welcome it in our nature. And this last piece is our homecoming!

Stay safe!