I can’t stop imagining our universe. That mirage, in which we are solely happy, where there is no pain, no hard choice to make, no broken dream or heart, no suffering, and no shadows.

In that universe, life is flowing effortlessly. In that cosmos, the only thing we need is to be pretty, to enjoy life, and to relax so we can make most of our moments together.

In that dreamland, nature speaks our language, and we speak hers. We worship all there is around us, and she takes good care of us.

In that universe, love is all there is. Nothing around us matters as much. We just live in the spirit of true love.

In that fantasy, the scars are gone, healed ages ago, and the regrets never existed. There, our souls no longer need to hide, to mask, to worry, or to suffer. That world is shameless, guiltless, painless. It just keeps the remembrance of how we got there, a beautiful story to tell and enjoy at the campfire.

Photo by Joel Kartika on Unsplash

In that world, we enjoy for hours the sparkling waves of seas; we chill our faces with the gentle blow of the breeze, we smell the green from the forests and feel the sandy ground keeping us safe and awake; we hear the perfect symphony of the birds carried away by the echo of the wind, and we taste cotton candy freedom the moon and clouds offer to us as offerings.

On that earth, days are so much fun! We read to each other and share the wisdom of humankind, we giggle and laugh louder, we dream, we watch one another slipping pieces of light through our eyes. In that universe, we fall in love every day with the new us we became after living yesterday. And we harvest petals of nights and stars to keep our passion and secrets hidden from the outer world.

In that dreamverse all we need to do is BE!

To BE. Because there, as long as we “are,” we are enough. That is how we measure life: how much we are.

In this other mundane existence we live today, we seek mainly to “have” or to “do.” And we measure ourselves against that. But these words spell differently. They will never equal to “be.” BE carries emotions, feelings, presence, connection. DO and HAVE just put an imaginary equal sign between us and some action or products. And that’s not who we are.

To access that cosmos, we have to let ourselves BE whatever we want to BE. That is the path to the heaven of dreams and being…

If you can be whatever you want to be, what would you be?

Stay safe!

This poem was written by Mihaela Stancu and has all rights reserved.

(© Mihaela Stancu, published August 2020)